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Who we are: We are Nevski Ltd.
We provide: business training, workplace mediation, workplace facilitation, wellness training.
You can contact us on email : or on telephone 020 8886 0765

Information we collect from you in our secure database :
We collect information about your company including: your name, address, email address, telephone numbers. In some cases, this may include your bank details.

How we use that information:
To provide you with a service, if you are a customer.
To manage our working relationship, if you are an Associate or Professional.
To ensure we communicate with you in the most effective manner.
To deal with your transactions.
If you agree, we can send you information on future business developments that may be of interest to you.

1. Who might we share this information with?
1.1. Nevski Ltd does not sell your information. We offer a confidential service. We do not share your information with third parties unless obliged to do so by law, or if it will be of benefit to you. In the latter we will only progress with your express permission.

2. How long do we keep hold of your information?
2.1. We keep basic information, such as your name and contact details for six years. Information relating to complaints is kept for as long as it is relevant. Some information is destroyed when it is no longer required.
If we carry out an assessment, workplace mediation or facilitation for you then it is on the understanding that we keep the referral documents and final agreement documentation for six years.
All notes taken in a mediation or facilitation, including notes the participants produced in the course of either process, will be destroyed within two days of the mediation.
2.2. We securely destroy all financial information once we have used it and no longer need it.
2.3. We will review your personal data at the end of the following financial year and dispose of data that is no longer relevant for us to retain.

3. How can I access the information you hold about me?
3.1. We will seek your consent on our data gathering forms. This includes the email template on this webpage.
3.2. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by e-mail to tell us you no longer wish for your details to appear in our private database.

4. How we protect your personal data
4.1. We will not transfer your personal data outside the EU without your consent.
4.2. We have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to protect personal data from loss, misuse, or unauthorised alteration or destruction.
4.3. Please note however that where you are transmitting information to us over the internet this can never be guaranteed to be 100% secure. The same conditions apply for information that we transmit over the internet from our IT systems to yours.
4.4. For any payments which we take from you online we will use a recognised online secure payment system.
4.5. We will notify you promptly in the event of any breach of your personal data, this will occur when we become aware of that fact . If you are exposed to risk we will tell you and the Information Commissioner's Office what measures we have taken, or plan to take, to mitigate that risk.
4.6 To prevent the possibility of a breach of information transmission over the internet you may wish to discuss with us the setting up of secure password protested transmission systems or other security arrangements.

5. You have rights under the GDPR:
(a) to access your personal data. You can make a written request by email to request the records we hold about you in line with guidance set out by the Information Commissioner’s Office.
(b) to be provided with information about how your personal data is processed
(c) to have your personal data corrected
(d) to have your personal data erased in certain circumstances
(e) to object to or restrict how your personal data is processed
(f) to have your personal data transferred to yourself or to another business in certain circumstances.

You have the right to take any complaints about how we process your personal data to the Information Commissioner:
telephone : 0303 123 1113.
Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

For more details, please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to Nevski Ltd at email: or telephone 020 8886 0765

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