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Essential Skills Training

Practical Approach

Miscommunication Remedies

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Mediation Ambassador Awareness Training

Why have Mediation Ambassadors in your organisation ?

Because Ambassador trained Managers feel better equipped to tackle potentially tricky situations by having the conflict confidence that they can have an effective impact. Early interventions can avoid situations escalating to more entrenched and challenging problems.

Avoidance is one strategy. Free up your ER and HR specialists time by equipping: Managers, Senior Leaders, HR and Staff Representatives.

Management Level One

Why is it needed ?

Because what makes someone a technical specialist is not the same skill set as a good people manager, yet this is often why people are promoted into management and sometimes left to flounder as they grapple with the more nuanced people management skills.

A course for new managers or managers who have not received any line management training. Practical skills based tools to help managers to make better decisions.

Management Level Two

Manager as Coach

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