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nevski ltd helps organisations to untangle crossed wires with mediation, conflict coaching and essential skills training

Are you an Operational or HR Manager that has to resolve stuck or escalating disputes at work ?

As an Operational Manager, you may regularly deal with workplace conflicts involving your people. When things have not been nipped in the bud, events can become more entangled and get escalated up to you. By the time it has been brought to your attention, the issues have become more complex and entrenched, at the same time the options for resolution have decreased.

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You have to decide:
Do we proceed with our established policies and procedures?
Or there have been various interventions and the problem hasn't gone away. What now?

If you are in HR -
You have been called upon to resolve a workplace dispute. You may find your hands are tied because you are perceived as being 'part of management' or, you have previous history which may be seen to compromise impartiality. You are now wondering about the next stage.

An independent workplace mediator can step in to support your aims while maintaining impartiality in the eyes of the disputants.
It is worth bearing in mind that :

We are confidential, the mediation is informal and off the record
As a result of this informality, the disputants can be open, honest and also creative when discussing possible solutions

We do not take sides, we are impartial.

We work with both party's best outcomes in mind
We are good value compared to legal options
You can run formal processes alongside the mediation.

Initially, we assess if the dispute can be mediated. If it can, then we arrange a mediation as soon as is practical.

In 'difficult' or sensitive cases we can provide two mediators. The co-mediation model enables a different dynamic to be present in the room and is often used to get serious disputes unstuck and to better manage when mental health factors are present.

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Have unresolved disagreements at work ever left you feeling like this ?

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Conflict Coaching will help your people get back into the swing again

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