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At nevski we help organisations to untangle crossed wires with mediation and conflict coaching.

If you manage people, there may be times when you also manage conflict.

Conflict can be the result of:
differences of opinion over goals and priorities,
how these goals will be achieved.
as well as status, or issues about respect.

Whilst some types of conflict can be creative and beneficial; there are also unresolved and festering conflicts that contribute to: disruption, absence, low morale and staff turnover. It is difficult for HR and operational managers to build a liferaft in the middle of a storm. Nevski mediation can be an independent solution when the stakes are high.

We have dealt with scores of conflicts in all types of organisation: from government departments to large companies, as well as hospitals, universities and charities.

HR managers and HRBPs increasingly prefer mediation to resolve many types of conflict, rather than resorting to more formal processes. Independent workplace mediation is flexible and fast to set up. It is informal, confidential and respectful to all involved. By ensuring that the parties are aware of our impartiality as mediators, we help the disputants identify and tackle the issues which have fed the conflict. With the ultimate aim of a working resolution.

Over 85% of our cases have resulted in agreement between the parties.
We know the process of mediation works.
We also know that for it to work the participants need to enter with a degree of willingness and to be open to the possibility of resolving differences.
We offer confidential case management and assessment to establish whether issues can be resolved.

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The benefits are : that a fresh pair of eyes and ears can facilitate necessary conversations.
We help people to move from stuck positions to engage in the exploration of working solutions that honour all parties. We aim to achieve resolution on the day.

Mediation is confidential, informal and off the record. As a result we often find that disputants can be more open with one another.
Rather than focus on blame we move the disputants towards collaboration and future-focus. With our guidance they are offered a face-saving way forward, that they had not managed to get by themselves.

In difficult, entrenched or sensitive cases we recommend two mediators.
The co-mediation model enables a different dynamic to be present in the room and is often used to get serious disputes 'unstuck' or when mental health factors are present.

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If unresolved disagreements result in staff feeling like this ?

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Nevski will help your people get back into the swing again

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